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Introduction of Japanese language

As the initial postings, which at a later date this blog is dedicated to those who try to be as well to learn Japanese language (Nihongo). What caused the Japanese to be very interesting? I think no different than learning other languages. But what makes Japan interesting is that in fact is one of the country among the old countries another. Call it english, china, and as an arab. The old country would have basic science has been scaled back because by their ancestors from time immemorial. Interesting, because too many long-standing tradition that many people are still maintained and preserved. Hows in your opinion? Please carefully look at

Japan is a unique country, with different traditions, cultures, which many countries are still considered to save the mystery. One example is:

  1. Onsen, bathing in which the water is always warm. Many are believed to onsen is very good for health. Besides it also can release the fatigue after a day-to-day activities. Eits! Do not be surprised if some onsen tablets are also mixing between men and women in one bathing place? Please try to come directly to Japan (which certainly is not cheap) ;)
  2. Harakiri, the Japanese people themselves call it a ritual seppuku. A ritual suicide to atone for mistakes. Although this ceremony has been officially banned by the government japan in the year 1873, by the following years there was also still implement on it.
  3. Kimono, the traditional clothing that has been owned by the Japanese from the past to the present. Kimono, which means something worn (can be interpreted-shirt), the majority imposed by women on special occasions. That does not mean the man was not wearing it again loh. Only dominate women more visible. More details you can see here..
  4. Geisha, which means that artists (can also be interpreted as an entertainer). Shamizen, is one of stringed musical instrument that is studied by the geisha. There are also some art and tea ceremony. They started from the moment that young age was very heavy and the number rose schedule. As you know Japanese people often do not tolerate someone who is not timely.

After reading some of the things above, i believe it can increase your motivation to learn Japanese language. Still not enough motivation? I hope you are patiently waiting for my next posting. With you want to spend a little time learning Japanese language there is no harm because many interesting things and can be studied further. At least if you are a man, you certainly have the possibility of getting a mate of the famous Japanese people loyal, tenacious and highly watched loved ones. and at least once you must learn the Japanese language at first As my self :p
ganbatte ne!

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  1. harakiri tte nani? sugoku ii website dane ^^

  2. harakiri wa seppuku to onaji yo^^
    ee! sugoku kana? mada mada dayo.. kondo check shite onegaishimasu.. Arigatou